Portrait of Colonel Henry Bainbrigg Buckeridge

Early 18th century portrait of Colonel Henry Bainbridge Buckeridge (1714 – 1788)
By James Francis Maubert (1666-1746)
Oil on Canvas 18 x 14 inches
Carved giltwood frame: 24 1/2 x 20 1/4 inches
Circa: 1725
Period: Georgian
Origin: English
Width: 14 inches
Height: 18 inches
Stock #: KPP45


Additional Information:

Henry Bainbrigg Buckeridge was educated as a gentleman commoner at Oxford, before pursuing a military career, quite removed from the artistic dilettantism of his father. He attained the rank of Colonel and in 1753 married Catherine Pinhold, from whom descended in direct line the Buckeridge family in whose keeping this portrait remained until the twentieth century.

Provenance: Descent in the Buckeridge Family
Collection of Norman Buckeridge 1929
Historical Portrait Gallery Limited 2001.

James Francis Maubert (1666-1746)

Maubert was born in Dublin in 1666. Like his older countryman Garret Morphy, Maubert trained in Dublin under the immigrant painter Gaspar Smitz. George Vertue, who knew Maubert and who relied on him as a source for certain anecdotes concerning the painter that appear in his Notebooks, states ‘Mr Maubert had his first instruction in drawing and painting from him in Dublin. It may be from Smitz that Maubert acquired the Continental panache that is so apparent in this portrait.

The composition is typical for portraits of officers, showing the sitter at three-quarter length,

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